What does your desk say about you?

There’s never been a more publicly private space than your desk.

It’s the one place that houses the things you need to function as an employee, but also the only place you have to call your own in this shared environment. You work to make it a comfortable, pleasing, homey, functional space. Over time, though, it’s easy for our personal habits and preferences to take over, making it a place that sends out all kinds of vibes about who we are — for all of our coworkers to see.

How we organize and decorate our desks says so much about our personalities, and often has an effect on how we perform as employees. Whether you’re obsessively organized or prefer to live in clutter, what happens at that desk can be a dead giveaway about your personality.

Explore these personality traits to see which fits you best — and what it may mean that you bring to the meeting table:


The Minimalist

Modest and exceptionally clean, this hardworking employee does not break the rules. They thrive on law and order and a detailed schedule. Their desks are tidy and they appreciate meetings that don’t drone on for hours — they want to stay on task. They project a certain level of perfectionism and need to understand what’s expected of them in order to perform their best. Introvert or extrovert? Psychologists say it’s tough to tell. Just because you’re tidy doesn’t make you shy, they say — but more extroverts definitely fall into the next category.


The Messy Desk Express

We all know one of these types: Where the top of the desk is likely dust-free because it’s been covered up all the things for so long. The complete opposite of the minimalist, this type of employee doesn’t need structure or rules, and actually thrive without them. They are often social and welcoming. Though a messy desk can be a sign of a messy life, it is more likely an indicator that this person is a creative innovator who doesn’t conform to what society says is the right way to operate. And that can translate to brilliance in the work this person produces.


The Personalizer

This employee type loves to share about themselves and their lives. Family photos, keepsakes, stylish decor that speaks to their hobbies or beliefs — this person enjoys openness and is a team player who is happy to help out on any project. Also creative, personalizers are commonly extroverts who are satisfied mentally and physically and bring an optimistic outlook to the workplace.


The Calming Force

If you decorate your desk with succulents and are immediately drawn to any article that tells you how to fung shui your desk, this is all you. The office Calming Force has a welcoming and inviting desk that feels more like a spa than a workspace. This person believes if the space generates positive energy, that energy translates to his or her workplace productivity. Taking desk material, color and shape into consideration is a high priority, as is the placement of the desk, available light sources and the items that get placed on it (less is more, in this case). Everyone in the office is attracted to the Calming Force’s space — and to his or her personality.