Snow day? 10 ways you (and the kids) can avoid boredom

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It’s coming. You know it’s coming. The 6 a.m. robo phone call that brings the news every school kid is desperate to hear.



Not as jazzed as that guy, huh? We get it. One random snow day every once in a while is no biggie. You go outside to play, make a little hot chocolate, watch too much TV, and then everybody gets to go back to work and school tomorrow. But when Winter Storm Fred dumps 20 inches on your entire town, you’re probably packing it in for a couple of days.

So grab all the bread and milk and then pull out this list of things to do so that you and the kids don’t turn into Jack Nicholson from The Shining. #nocabinfever


Make homemade playdough.

The first time you hear “I don’t know what to dooooo!”, head to the kitchen. And no, not to bake more sweets, but to make something that will keep their hands busy. Homemade playdough is a great option for this. Add food coloring and they can make their own line of colors.

Then move to slime.

Yes, slime. We know — they love it, you love to hate it. But it does keep their hands busy and is a great secret science experiment. This article shares four different ways to make it and talks about what’s happening scientifically in each one.

Create window graffiti.

What’s that you said, Mom? I can WRITE ON THE WINDOWS? Sure, with dry erase markers. It’ll come right off. This could keep them busy for HOURS. Just make sure they keep it on the windows and don’t move to the walls. 😉

Set up a photo booth.

Pull out all your kitchen utensils, pots and pans, baskets, and any other non-breakable home items, and let them go to town with a camera. They’ll have a blast thinking of funny ways they can wear all of these items for a picture.

Make a snowman … inside.

Whoa, that’s crazy talk. Snow? Inside? Think about it. Sometimes it can get pretty darn cold out there and the kids don’t last long. If that’s the case, shovel some snow into the bathtub (or a baby pool) and let the kids play with it inside. It’ll melt, and is easily disposable — especially in the tub.

Shovel the driveway.

That’s right, do some work! If it isn’t too cold outside, have the kids contribute by shoveling the driveway. They’ll burn off some energy while doing something helpful. Then they can use all that piled up snow for No. 7.

Make a snow fort.

If they’ve piled up the snow on both sides of the driveway, it doubles as a great fort for battle! Have a person get behind a pile on each side and attack with snowballs or water balloons.

Make a pillow fort.

If it’s too cold outside, build a cozy fort in front of the TV inside. Drape some blankets over chairs or stools, and fill the inside with pillows so you can snuggle up with some hot chocolate and watch a movie.

Create snow art.

Put food coloring and water into water guns or spray bottles and let the kids create a mural in the snow! You might even enjoy getting in on the fun with this one.

Have a spa day.

Snow days are hard work. You deserve a mani/pedi or massage, and the kids do too. Set up stations and relax after a day of play and driving each other crazy. 😁