WorkPlacePro creating unity

Supporting employees creates a supportive workplace

One of the things we value most at WorkPlacePro is our ability to create group unity and a supportive workplace.

Providing your staff with apparel that communicates a common message can help foster a pleasant work environment and an office culture of having fun and giving back.

This kind of culture is increasingly important to employees. In a recent study published in Inc. magazine about the happiest workplaces, 59 percent of employees surveyed said they most respect their employer for providing a pleasant work environment. And nearly 90 percent of millennials said they believe a company’s success should be measured not only by finances, but by what the company values.

While it may seem like a small token of appreciation, buying apparel that supports a cause can help build unity within your workplace and make it the kind of environment in which people want to work. Selling that apparel outside of the workplace to raise money for your cause can also help employees feel like they are part of a larger community effort and an important asset to the cause.

Some of our customers, schools for example, buy apparel for awareness initiatives that affect the lives of people they serve. Others have purchased shirts to support employees who are fighting an illness. And you can always just buy them to celebrate a holiday and say thank you for your employees’ hard work.

Just read a couple of stories from our customers about how this has helped their cause:

“We received our shirts and surprised our co-worker by everyone wearing them the day before her chemo treatment. She cried and even when she showed her nurse doing her chemo the next day the nurse cried! … Thank you! Our bus drivers, our mechanics and our manager are all supporting our co-worker through her battle!!”

“My brother told me recently about a gal who saw his [Autism Awareness] shirt when he was out and about one day and started chatting with him. He said, ‘She was very enthusiastic and happy to see the t-shirt in public. She instantly connected with me even though we’d never met. I was a person in her camp.’ I love that wearing a T-shirt starts the conversation.”

In the end, what can supporting causes with apparel mean? Happier, more productive employees who feel like their employer cares about them and their community.

That is invaluable.

Tell us your story. Visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or send us an email, to let us know what cause you support and how WorkPlacePro apparel is helping you spread the word!