Great (and fun, and rewarding) awareness activities to support your cause

The committee you tasked with finding the right cause for your business has finished its discovery process — and your team finally has a fundraising purpose. High five! Now it’s time to set some goals and activities to help further your company’s mission of helping others.

Aside from making monetary donations, there are great (and fun, and rewarding) activities your team can participate in to raise money and awareness for your cause. Not only will they further your corporate philanthropy efforts, but they’ll help you build group unity within your team and build trust with consumers. Corporate philanthropy generates value for the business too — Gallup research has found that given a choice, 94% of customers will choose a brand connected to a social cause.

Awareness walks

Many non-profit organizations host awareness walks to raise money for the cause they champion. The American Cancer Society (Relay for Life), The ALS Association (Walk to Defeat ALS), the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (Great Strides), the March of Dimes (March for Babies), the American Heart Association (Heart Walk), the Alzheimer’s Association (Walk to End Alzheimer’s) — the list goes on. They’re wonderful events that bring people together for a common purpose, where survivors and others affected by an illness/condition can tell their stories and receive support.

Once you’ve chosen a cause for your business, speak with a representative to learn about any awareness walk opportunities you may be able to participate in. Most teams set a fundraising goal for the walk, and employees are encouraged to come up with ideas for raising money. Then on the day of the event, you and your employees can walk together, showing the community your support.

If your cause doesn’t have a fundraising walk, maybe your business is up to the task of starting one! Organizing a walk or 5K may seem like a daunting task, but can be accomplished if you have a dedicated team, the buy-in from the cause you support, and a plan.

Team volunteering

If the cause you’ve chosen is in need of volunteers for certain activities, then put that opportunity out to your staff for sign-ups, or even consider giving paid time off so your staff can work together to help out. Food pantries and soup kitchens are often in need of volunteers to pack and deliver boxes or serve food to people in need. Once again, there’s power in numbers — going with as many people on your staff as possible can be an excellent team-building opportunity, in addition to showing them, and your community, that you value serving others.

In-office donation days

Are jeans a part of your workplace dress code? Maybe they should be, just one day a week. The American Cancer Society even hosts a national denim day in October to support breast cancer research. Adding this into your routine, in exchange for a monetary donation from employees (maybe $1, maybe $3 — let them decide) can help raise money for your cause and give your employees a little something comfy to look forward to.

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