Embroidered T-­Shirts For Family Reunions

We all mean to keep in touch with family, but with people spread all over the country and maybe even the world, things just get complicated. In this busy world, there’s often no better way to keep the family close than to actually get them physically into the same room (or park, or resort).

A family reunion is a time to catch up, marvel over how fast the kids are growing, and just enjoy reconnecting. Don’t get weight down in the logistics—this is about fun! But among the various details involved in organizing a family reunion, don’t forget to create and order an embroidered family reunion shirt.

Why Does My Family Reunion Need A T-Shirt?
Just like with a sports team, having a group t-shirt can encourage a unifying spirit that sets a tone for the entire family event. What’s more, a t-shirt can offer an easy to find your relatives and keep an eye on kids in parks or other public spaces. Even better, they’ll look great in group pictures!

Additionally, a t-shirt can be a wonderful memento for everyone in your family of special times shared together at the reunion, for years to come.

What Should Be On My Family Reunion T-Shirt?
When it comes to creating a design for your family t-shirt, the limit is truly your imagination.

To start, put the year of the reunion on it. This will be helpful later when you and your relatives look back at the event. For other design considerations, look to what you know about your family’s common traditions. Do you have a family crest or symbol? A plaid pattern?

It can also be wise to take your family’s personality into consideration: Are your relatives a wacky group or a subdued one? Your shirt could reflect anything from your proud heritage to an activity you all enjoy together, or even a family joke.

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your t-shirts—a family reunion is no time to be stiff or serious.

Bring The Family Together!
A personal and embroidered custom t-shirt can be a great way to say “thanks” to your family for taking the time and effort to bring everyone together for a reunion. So don’t let your next family reunion fly by without stopping to commemorate it. A custom t-shirt can bring back wonderful memories of time spent together.

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