WorkPlacePro customer appreciation

Show your customers a little extra love on Valentine’s Day

Though it’s customary to send cards or purchase gifts for your customers at Christmas, Valentine’s Day is also a great (and unique) time to show them how much you value their business.

Having a customer appreciation strategy is crucial to building loyalty. Showing clients you recognize they are choosing your company over the competition, and that you value their feedback and the time and money they spend with you, will keep them coming back to your door regardless of any problems that arise along the way.

Studies show 68% of customers leave because they don’t feel valued. So make them feel great about choosing you by starting an annual customer-appreciation campaign on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few ways you can share the love:

Write them a good, old-fashioned thank you note.

There isn’t much that shows dedication more than sitting down to tell a client how much you appreciate them in writing. Writing a personal note takes thought, preparation and time, all things that make people feel valued whether they are a customer or a personal acquaintance. These notes are more likely to be kept and displayed, and the gesture remembered and repeated — which will hopefully bring even more customers to your door.

Bring goodies.

Who doesn’t feel loved when they eat a cookie or cupcake? Depending on the size of your client roster, personally delivering some treats is a yummy option that gives you the opportunity to have face-time with your customer. Or, having treats available for people who walk in to your business is a good alternative. Take the time to speak briefly with your customers about how things are going in their own lives or businesses, and say thank you for choosing yours. They’ll leave the conversation feeling appreciated, no doubt.

Social media shoutouts

With a little advanced planning, you can give website or social media shoutouts to your clients on Valentine’s Day and express your gratitude for their business. Include a photo of the client or some work you’ve done for them, and make sure to tag them in the post — this advertises their business and yours, while sharing with a much larger audience how much you appreciate their business.

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