10 fun Secret Santa gift ideas

It’s baaaaaack: That little office game where you draw a coworker’s name and sneak them super secret gifts every day for a week before your identity is revealed.

Secret Santa can be crazy fun but also mind-boggling, especially if you don’t know the person whose name you’ve drawn very well. Lucky for you, there are a few gifts out there that are universal, fit your predetermined budget and make great options for your debut as the office Kris Kringle.

Hot or cold?

No, we’re not talking about your coworker’s personality. We’re talking about their drink! Having a drink at your desk during the workday is pretty universal. Giving them a thermal tumbler that keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold is pretty dreamy. No more trips to the microwave or the icebox. And you’ll keep them inspired with the Words to Live By motivation on the side.

A notebook (but not just any notebook)

Every person could use a notebook at work, because let’s face it — who really likes those yellow legal pads in the supply room anyway? But what if that notebook you chose had a past life, if it had once been a book that told a great little story? You can find that from Ex Libris Anonymous, a small business in Astoria, Oregon (think The Goonies) that recycles some of the best vintage books and turns them into journals. From Green Eggs and Ham to The New McCall’s Cookbook, the covers of these notebooks are beautifully retro and the inside even includes a few pages from the original book. The rest is white open paper for your coworker to develop his or her best ideas.


Office tackle box

Speaking of the supply room, if your coworker is a sucker for some Post-Its and cute binder clips, they might enjoy having all of those goodies in a neat little box by Kate Spade that they can keep in their desk. Careful, though, fights could break out over those polka dot pencils.


A place to rest her heels

Whether your coworker takes those uncomfortable shoes off as soon as she walks in the door, or simply for a brisk walk at lunch, she usually leaves them under her desk or somewhere inconvenient. With this nifty little bag, she will love being able to pack them away in a drawer and keep them safe from nicks and scratches.



May the force be with you (when it rains)

If your coworker is a Star Wars fanatic, they. will. die. when they open this one. It’s no ordinary umbrella (which everyone needs at the office, right?). The shaft is in fact a legit battery-powered light saber that glows when in use. It even comes with a carry-on strap for traveling so the gift recipient can feel like a real Jedi.


Deck the halls

There are some super fun card games out there that make great gifts for playing at home, or even during a break at the office. Depending on your coworker’s personality, you could choose something like Apples to Apples (the game of surprising and outrageous comparisons) or Exploding Kittens (which is pure family-friendly fun and in which no actual animals are harmed). The makers of the classic game Uno even came out with a sister game this year called, Dos, the world’s No. 2 card game (see what they did there?!).

Binge-Watching Survival Kit

Well now, who can’t identify with a day of non-stop TV. This box is perfect for just about anyone (unless they’ve taken the concept of cuting the cord literally). Everything you might need to get through a season of your favorite series without moving from the couch is in this handy-dandy little kit — even a pair of socks. Because, you know. Socks.

Succulents or bonzai

If your coworker is into feng shui and all things that represent calm and zen, then succulents (for her) or a bonzai tree (for him) would be a welcome addition to their desk. These plants are hardy, low-maintenance, and are even said to bring good luck in some cultures. And let’s be honest — every guy wants to have some reason to reference The Karate Kid.


Everybody needs to get in the zone sometimes while at work, and everybody seems to find themselves at some point looking for a pair of earbuds to do so. (Where did those dang things go?) They are inexpensive and come in a variety of colors, so you can even get a two or three pair to ensure your coworker can always find a way to drown out the office noise.

Inspirational pencils

These pencils are life, especially if your coworker loves a good Ron Burgundy quote. They’re also available featuring other movie classics, like Mean Girls and Star Wars. You’ll ensure a smile during the day with a pencil that reminds your coworker to “Stay classy.”

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