Rock that office Halloween costume contest with these ideas

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We’re all about group unity here at Workplace Pro, and on Halloween is no exception. Not only is it the perfect excuse for an office par-tay, it’s the perfect time to put your best costume foot forward as a group.

Whether you only have enough employees to pull together one theme, or so many that you can have several groups participate, choosing a group costume can alleviate some of the stress for employees of trying to figure out what they will dress up as (or if they will even dress up at all).

Everyone gets to weigh in on the decision and the end result is so much fun. Your customers will appreciate your creativity and effort, and you will continue fostering a positive, enjoyable work environment for your employees.

What will your group costume theme be this year? If you’re looking for simple, consider these:

The Office

There’s hardly a more appropriate TV show to represent on Halloween at work than The Office. And it’s a pretty simple one to pull off too — a black or grey suit for Michael Scott, a short-sleeve yellow button up shirt and brown plaid tie for Dwight Schrute, a cardigan and white button up for Pam. And a whole bunch of Dunder Mifflin badges. That should do it. (If you really want to jog people’s memory about the show, dress up in costumes they wore on a Halloween episode.)

Instagram: @adoseofayydos


There are so many of these that you’re guaranteed to have something for everyone. Use poster board to create round emoji faces and cut shapes to make your favorite emojis. Glue sticks to the bottom and voilá, you’ve got a great costume that you don’t even have to wear! Five points to the person who can pull off the facepalm.🤦‍♀️

Instagram: @talkingninja

Deck of cards

Another easy one that can accommodate up to 52 people (54 if you count the jokers)! Use two pieces of posterboard attached at the top by rope or string to drape around you on both sides (hanging on your shoulders). Decorate each side with a different card face. (You can also go all out with the Alice and Wonderland theme like these folks if you’re so inspired. 😉)

WorkPlacePro cheerleaders

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