It’s that time again: Office Christmas party time

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, we’re tellin’ you why — because it’s no fun being an office Christmas party pooper! So listen up: If you haven’t planned something fun or inspirational for your employees or coworkers to celebrate the holiday season, now’s the time.

Holiday parties give employees a time to relax, bond and be festive. Events like these help build that ever-important group unity, and they show employees you care about them. Add a few fun events or games to the mix and everyone will have plenty of Christmas cheer.

Need ideas? We have a few to get you started.

Dirty Santa

Who doesn’t love a little game of stealing other people’s gifts. Just kidding! That’s the lighthearted premise behind this fun Christmas party game. Everyone buys a gift at an amount you designate, wrapping it to make the gift look deceivingly good so players want to choose it. Then each participant draws a number for their turn to open an unwrapped gift. This game wouldn’t be complete without the ability to steal gifts others have opened, so be ready! Review all the game rules before you get started.

Secret Santa

Instead of drawing a turn to open a gift, with this popular game you draw a coworker’s name and sneak them a small gift every day for a week, trying not to give yourself away as their Secret Santa! Before starting, select a total price limit. On the last day of the exchange, have a little fun and open the final gifts together, allowing coworkers to try to guess who their Secret Santa is!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

Boy, are there ever some U-G-L-Y Christmas sweaters out there. Have your employees or coworkers wear the ugliest of the ugly to the office party, and appoint three judges to choose the winner. Be sure to offer a sweet prize for the ugliest sweater (some ideas are an extra hour of lunch break, a gift certificate, or even a half day off!). You could even get your customers or followers to help with this one by taking photos of all the participants, posting them to your social media page and asking people to vote for the best.

Reverse Santa

People always pose to take their photo with Santa. But what if EVERYONE dressed as Santa and took photos with an office worker? In this holiday tradition twist, put up a photobooth at your office party and find someone who will come dressed as an office worker for all the Santas to pose with in photos. Share them online and make a display in your workplace for people to enjoy.

Office-Wide Charity Event

This one is our favorite. Instead of playing a game, gather your employees and coworkers and spend the day giving back to the community. Find a local soup kitchen, shop for families in need, or participate in an environmental clean-up. There are so many ways you can contribute to worthy causes. (Don’t forget to wear your WorkPlacePro apparel while you’re participating!) Once the work is done, head back to the office for some Christmas music, warm drinks and sweet treats.

Don’t miss the opportunity to show your employees or coworkers they are important and that you care. And most importantly, HAVE FUN, and a Merry Christmas!