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Shining a light on autism

It’s a condition that affects 1 in 68 children in the United States. That’s 1 in 42 boys, and 1 in 189 girls.

One-third of these children are nonverbal.

One-third have an intellectual disability.

And an estimated 50,000 teens with this condition become adults each year, losing important school-based services that help them thrive.

Autism — a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication – affects so many families across the United States. Though no single cause has been identified, research continues to find similarities or triggers in genetic code that cause the disorder.

As such, raising awareness about the condition, about the needs families have in caring for children and adults with autism and the importance of medical research is imperative. As we approach World Autism Month in April, there are many ways you can get involved to support this important cause.

#LightItUpBlue on April 2

You may think you’re seeing blue on World Autism Awareness Day, April 2. No worries, there’s nothing wrong with your vision. People are encouraged to wear blue on April 2 to support autism awareness, and thousands of iconic landmarks, buildings, homes and communities around the world light their exteriors blue in support of people living with autism. Events and activities are hosted throughout the month to promote understanding and awareness of the condition.

Volunteer with an autism support group

Even if your family isn’t affected by autism, there’s a good chance someone you know in your community is. There are many local, regional and state organizations out there that provide support services for families affected by autism, and they need support from as many volunteers possible. Search for autism support groups or autism organizations in your state to find a group close to you, or ask education leaders in your community how you can help.

Walk, run, bike or tri to support autism

Many autism organizations hosts walks, runs and even triathlons to help raise money for autism research and awareness about the condition. In Kentucky, for example, the Bluegrass Autism Walk is hosted annually in September in Lexington. The national organization Autism Speaks hosts Team Up endurance events across the nation for distance competitors. If there’s not an event close to you, maybe it’s time there was! Organizing a 5K run walk in your community is a great way to educate people about your cause and get them involved.


Financial resources of course are always important and necessary in improving access to programs, research and support for families affected by autism. When you purchase any WorkPlacePro products, you have the option of rounding up your purchase to donate to one of three select charities — including the National Autism Association. If you’d like to contribute directly, research national organizations that support autism research and find the one that’s right for you. 


WorkPlacePro is committed to promoting autism awareness efforts by providing group apparel and merchandise that supports the cause. Shine a light on autism at your workplace with these products.