Celebrate Fall!

Fall is upon us! Here at WorkPlacePro, we like to celebrate with fun ideas and activities for the whole family! Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Pumpkin Patch
    Pumpkin patches are the perfect family outing when the weather starts getting cooler! We are sure that’s no secret. 🙂 Here are some Pumpkin Patch Success ideas, and even ways to have your own Pumpkin Patch at home with your kids, family or friends!
    shallow focus photography of person holding squash
  2. Fall Crafts
    There is hardly anything more fun than creating crafts from your own ideas, or from the trusty Pinterest boards like this one! Fall comes with so many opportunities, from scarecrows and wreaths to pumpkins and pie! And pumpkin pie….. 🙂 Check out some of these ideas and go crazy with the crafts this season!
    white and blue ceramic mug
  3. Carving Pumpkins
    Carving pumpkins can be messy, but it’s always worth it! Whether you fancy the masterpieces that can be carved nowadays, or the simple jack o’ lantern style, carving pumpkins is fun for the whole family! And a great way to display your creativity and welcome trick-or-treaters! Which brings me to possibly the most fun fall endeavour….Halloween!
    brown pumpkin lot
  4. Halloween
    Halloween is a time for you to step out of your shell and be someone you’ve always wanted to be! Put on a costume, take the kids trick or treating, pass out candy to your community and enjoy the brisk fall air in the process. We have tons of Halloween designs this year that you can use to (pumpkin) spice up your workplace, or just for fun! Check them out here today! Be sure to check out all of our fall designs, as well. 🙂Happy Halloween text

Fire Prevention Week – Are You Prepared?

Fire Prevention week takes place October 6-12th, 2019! Taking steps to ensure you and your family are safe is crucial. Here are some ways to prevent fires from breaking out and to keep them controlled if they do:

  1. Check your smoke detectors monthly.
    Checking your smoke detectors is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself if a fire were to happen. Change batteries as needed and test to make sure they’re working properly so you can sleep easy!
  2. Take precautions by performing yearly inspections.
    Have your furnace checked yearly to make sure everything is up to code and there are no threats of fire being an issue. Change your furnace filters once a month as well, as they can collect dust easily which is a hazard.
  3. Check your water heater.
    Water heaters are often placed in inconvenient places, but it is important to clean around them. Be sure that there is nothing too close to the unit, as they hold high temperatures and can cause fires more often than you’d think. Always keep any heating element free of debris and clear of clutter.
  4. Keep ovens and stoves clear.
    When you’re making dinner, cleaning up your kitchen or even bringing in groceries, strategize where you put things in your home. Ovens and stoves should always be clear of towels, paper products and anything that is not meant to be stored in or on them.
  5. Watch for frayed wires.
    Never run electrical cords underneath rugs or in between walls and furniture. Watch for any frays in wires, even just a phone charger. Be sure to unplug any device that feels warm from just being plugged in because this is a hazard in itself.
  6. Breakers.
    Know where to shut off your utilities, gas lines and fuses in and around your home.
  7. Store flammable products in cool, dry places.
    It’s no secret that flammable items should be placed in cool areas where there is no risk of fire. Don’t forget about those lit candles, either!
  8. Keep fire extinguishers handy.
    A fire extinguisher should be a requirement for all homes. When using a fire extinguisher, remember the P.A.S.S. acronym: “Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.” Keep baking soda handy for grease fires, as they must be smothered in order to extinguish them.
  9. Close bedroom doors at night.
    If a fire were to break out, they do spread quickly with no discrimination. Keeping bedroom doors closed can create barriers that can slow down the spread of the beast.
  10. Have an exit plan.
    It is beyond important to have an exit strategy if a fire were to happen. Meet with your family regularly to discuss the exit plan. Educate your guests on the exit plan, as well as the safety guidelines you follow in your home to prevent fires.

Firefighters can be overworked and underappreciated – many people don’t think about them in their daily lives until they are needed. WorkPlacePro wants to show our appreciation for these silent heroes by offering new designs like these!

Show your support of your local firefighters who risk their lives to save others. Mark your calendar for your fire safety plans/maintenance so we can help save lives as well!

Never Skip a Beat on Protecting Your Heart

If you think New Year’s Eve is the only time to make resolutions – think again! Resolutions are about taking steps to change our lives for the better. Consider marking World Heart Day “resolution day” on your calender! September 29th quickly approaches, and WorkPlacePro invites you to join us in setting goals for a healthy heart!


What is World Heart Day?

World Heart Day is an awareness-raising campaign that is globally recognized each year in September. The goal of the campaign is to promote heart health, considering cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world. CVD claims the lives of over 17 million people each year. The World Heart Federation wants to reduce that number by as much as possible!

What types of goals should you set?

You can truly take full control of your health. You are also in full control of your goals, and setting the right goals can lead to a long, happy and healthy life.

Doctors across the globe suggest these three key habits to make or break to keep a healthy heart:


Exercise is the #1 key to a healthy heart! The average adult is expected to exercise for at least 30 minutes for 5 days a week. Take a walk, jog, bike ride or partake in any type of exercise that will increase your heart rate. Cardio exercises help to regulate the work of all other organs. It also reduces stress and regulates blood pressure, which is a goal in itself! Find a routine that works for you and plan to stick with it so you and your health are on the right track!

2. Diet

There are tons of diets out there that suggest fasting, low-carb intake, etc. The best way to eat right is to follow the basic food group/serving suggestions that we learn about in elementary school! Processed foods, sodium and sugars should be avoided as much as possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle. All of these foods cause blockages in your main arteries that can strain your heart and lead to heart attacks and strokes. Everything in moderation! Plan your meals, find a diet that works for you and enjoy feeling better every day with your newly found confidence about your health!


3. Don’t smoke

It is very cliche to say and those who do use tobacco products hear it every time they light up. Comments like “you shouldn’t do that” or “those things will kill you” can surely sound like a broken record. However, they are 100% accurate. In this day and age, it’s no secret that using tobacco products will harm our health. If you do use tobacco products, set a goal to quit on September 29th and start your journey to a healthier heart. A healthier you!

Join us this September in accomplishing the goals we set and raise awareness for heart health! Show your support by wearing our “Heart Heath Awareness” design here. Whether you are caring for your own heart or for those around you– we are all tied together!


Camp Your Way to a Healthy Life!

For those of you who love camping, I’m sure you don’t need a reason to plan your next outdoor adventure. For those of you who have thought about camping but aren’t sure what all the hype is about — check out some of the benefits it could have on your health!

camping tent on cliff during golden hour
Photo by Jack Sloop on Unsplash

Stress Relief
Many of us are living life running around like chickens with our heads cut off. We are all just trying to make it through the work week. We have multiple obligations that keep us rushing home, rushing through activities and rushing through life. It’s time to catch a 5-minute break.
Camping is basically a break for the duration of your trip! The great thing about camping is you are exposed to the fresh air. Oxygen releases serotonin in your brain– the chemical that boosts your happiness and mood– therefore leaving you feeling more relaxed. Stress can take a toll on our health in all sorts of ways, so seizing every opportunity to relieve us of it is crucial. Pack your bags, the relaxation train is headed to the campground!

silhouette photo of three person near tall trees
Photo by photo-nic.co.uk nic on Unsplash

It is certainly no secret how important physical activity is for our health and overall well-being. Camping involves lots of exercise! You exercise even in preparation for your time away. Hiking equipment to a campsite can be a tad awkward due to the size/shape of tents and other gear, essentially forcing you to utilize muscle and get some cardio going. When you’re outside with no television or video games, you wind up spending most of your trip walking, hiking, fishing, etc., which all involve moderate to extreme exercise. Again, exercise is a serotonin booster, so you’re likely to feel exhilirated instead of run-down and sluggish like we can often feel throughout our normal routines.

reflection photo of trees


Clear Your Mind
Some people use yoga and meditation to clear their minds and relieve tensions. Others claim that just taking a long walk in nature will do the trick. All of these things are good for resetting your brain and revitalizing your quality of life. Camping can (figuratively and literally) bring you back down to Earth. When you’re out of your home, you’re not worrying about cleaning the house, doing dishes, doing laundry or keeping anything organized. All you have to worry about is exploring, playing and maybe the occasional wild animal. 😉

person standing in rock on forest during daytime

Take Away Those Distractions
Leave the electronics at home! Get back in tune with yourself, nature, your friends, your family. Camping is one of the easiest ways to leave distractions behind and enjoy the company you have, even if your only company is yourself. It brings us into a simpler time and simpler environment, making our emotions simpler as well.

Gather your friends, family and/or dogs, and head for the hills! Make sure to visit our website and check out our new camping/lake designs to wear on your adventure!

Think Pink – Raising Awareness

National Wear Pink Day is approaching, occuring on June 23rd, 2019! We have put together a short list of how you can help raise breast cancer awareness by wearing pink, donating and becoming an advocate for breast cancer!

How does wearing pink make a difference?

Wearing pink can promote and remind other individuals of the importance to get regular screenings for breast cancer. It also reminds us of the thousands of people battling cancer, as well as the many survivors that help us keep the hope we need to fight and overcome this disease. Simply wearing this color on a scheduled cancer walk like this one, when going to the grocery store and even wearing pink to work helps raise the awareness to others who may not be conscious of their own risks of develpoing breast cancer.

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Where can I donate to make a real difference?

I’m sure you’ve heard of the American Cancer Society. ACS is a non-profit organization that raises over $1 billion dollars each year to pour into fundraisers, research, patient support, prevention and treatment. ACS is made up of mostly medical and lay volunteers that work tirelessly to facilitate awareness events, raise money for research and cost-cutting treatments for those affected by cancer. No matter what type of cancer you wish to support/donate to, ACS covers it all.

How do I become an advocate for breast cancer?

We consider anyone who wears pink an advocate for breast cancer! You can make a difference in the world’s biggest cities and smallest towns just by displaying your pink garments to show support for this disease. Here is a great article on how to become an advocate for breast cancer.

Personally, I was inspired to become an advocate for pancreatic cancer after a very close family member was diagnosed– so don’t think that you have to have cancer to be an advocate for awareness! If you’ve done your research, if you know someone suffering– even if you are just inspired by stories or intrigued by how far research has brought us in 2019– get out there and share your knowledge!

Make sure you visit our website to check out our available breast cancer designs & remember to think pink on June 23rd!

Image by laurixnh from Pixabay 

7 Ways to Make Your Pet Happy

Be Kind To Animals Week is upon us May 6-12 this year. This week became recognized in 1915 in an effort to raise awareness for the humane & compassionate care of all animals. Being a fur momma myself, I wanted to share 7 easy ways to help your pet live their best life.

  • Talk to them. This may seem silly, but animals thrive on companionship. Talk to them like you would your friend or a house plant. I mean we are all waiting for them to talk back anyway.
  • Make sure & feed them high quality ingredients. You care about what goes in your body, so let us care about what goes in our pets bodies as well. For affordable food finds & ideas, we like Chewy. They deliver within 2 days of ordering!
  • Give them exercise! This is good for you, too! Whether it’s throwing a ball in the backyard, getting your cat a catnip toy or going for a walk, they love to stretch their legs! A 10 minute walk a day has such a massive impact on your overall health & well-being.
  • Groom your pet often, if not daily! Most dogs I’ve come across looooove getting brushed! I don’t mean you have to take them to a professional weekly, but a simple brushing can go a long way (and help reduce shedding!). We personally like this brush from Amazon.
  • Get your pet some treats that helps keep their mouth clean! Same with grooming, help them stay healthy and happy. A treat my dog loves & that is so tried & true, are simple Milk-bones.
  • Leave your TV on for them. If you are like me & have to leave your pets @ home all day for work, I at least find comfort knowing they have the TV on. Not only might they find their favorite show, it also drowns out the garbage truck, sirens or other sounds that could be a stressor. My fur kids are used to the country outdoors, so moving to the city, outside noises really confuse them. The TV/radio gives them some solace.
  • Lastly – Love your pet! Make sure they know they are loved, safe & protected. Research before adopting, learn the possible stressors in your area, prepare for a pet & always keep them well nourished & up to date on their vaccines. They are an extension of family, make them feel as such!

The children & the beasts of the world are the voiceless. It’s important that we take time & compassion to treat all animals with love & respect! Love your furbabies, make a contribution to your local humane society or volunteer to walk dogs in your spare time! There are countless ways to express kindness to animals. Let us know your suggestions! We have a few Animal Lovers shirts on sale now! Make sure & check them out so you can raise awareness all year long.

Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

Teacher Appreciation Week ‘19

Each year we want to show our appreciation for our teachers all the time but especially during Teacher Appreciation (May 6 – 10) and especially this year. Why now more so than ever? Our educators across the country are taking stands for things they believe in like better pay, quality student/teacher ratio & the tools to execute their job to the standards we need.

So, let’s take a stand & show our teachers how much we appreciate them! Here are a few ways that are easy, perhaps free & can be accomplished at any time.

  1.     Tell your teacher you appreciate them. When is the last time you did that? Or tell your child’s teacher you appreciate them. It takes no time at all but could make a lasting impact.
  2.     Bring your children’s teacher supplies! 1 box of tissues or 1 pack of hand sanitizer could go a long way! Especially in the teacher’s heart & mind. So often teachers are buying their own supplies so any contributions are greatly appreciated.
  3.     Go on Amazon! Did you know teachers can create a “wish list” for their classroom just like you probably do for Christmas? You could always search your teachers name to see if they have created a list & surprise them with something from it!
  4.     Feeling extra & crafty? We’ve saved a few of our favorite DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts on our Pinterest board. Go check it out & let us know if you try any!

Hopefully this list gets you started or at least makes you realize how simple it could be to show your appreciation! If you’re thinking a brand-new t-shirt would be great as a gift, we’ve got you covered there too. 🙂  Order yours before 3/28 to have in time!


5 Ways to Laugh

Is laughter, really the best medicine?

What better time to delve into this age-old question then now with International Moment of Laughter Day coming up this April 14th. The day was created with a very simple intent; to encourage people to laugh. How does one laugh? It’s an involuntary reaction to certain external or internal stimuli. It could be a joke, a story, thought, or physical reaction to being tickled – the possibilities are endless as to what could make you laugh.

To get your celebration started here are 5 of our top ways to create a giggle:

  1. Hang out with your pet. There is no way to be around a dog or cat (or any pet) for long and not laugh. Don’t have a pet? Let us introduce you to quite possibly the funniest animal video on YouTube (in our opinion).
  2. Learn to laugh at yourself! Running late to work and miss the yellow light turning red? No worries.. just gives you more time to turn up the radio, have a dance party and laugh at yourself! Don’t take life so seriously.
  3. Sign up for a joke of the day to be delivered right to your inbox! We like A Joke A Day but any would get the job done! Be ready for dad jokes that will make you chuckle and probably roll your eyes. If you don’t want an email a day, a desk calendar of your favorite cartoon or quotes is a great daily way to laugh, too! (I have a Dilbert day to day – forgot how funny this comic is!)
  4. Befriend a funny person. You should have at least one person in your day to day life that makes you laugh. Go seek them out when you need a pick me up. If there is someone that has a quick way with words, a unique outlook or just a great sense of humor, befriend them, immediately.
  5. Do something that makes you laugh. This one seems easy, but when is the last time you REALLY belly laughed?! What were you doing at the time? Go do that again. Unless it was a misfortunate incident with laundry or something of the like. (Did you laugh? Okay I tried…)

Laughing has shown to increase the blood flow in our physical makeup (by taking in huge gulps of extra oxygen!), lead to reduction in stress and to also release endorphins. So, while you may still need to go to the doctor for the flu, perhaps catching up on the joke of the day is what you need to turn your day around. Our Live Happy shirt on sale now is sure to stem positive feelings anytime you wear it.

Inspire yourself (and others!) in the New Year

The new year is knocking on our door. And now’s the time you’re probably thinking about the things you want to change in your life during the next 365 days. Maybe you want to eat healthier. Exercise more. Plan your meals or make your bed every day. A resolution is all about words you want to live by — making a firm decision about something you will or will not do, and usually, it’s something that you hope will make you a better, stronger person in the year ahead.

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