How Wearing Your Cause Supports and Spreads Awareness

These days, almost every supports at least one cause. Whether you focus your time and energy on autism awareness, animal rights, finding a cure for cancer, or any number of other popular causes, chances are good that you have at least one t-shirt, wristband, or other item in your possession that expresses your favorite cause. You might think that wearing these items is just a good way to identify yourself to others, but did you know that there is actually a huge benefit to wearing your cause?


Daily Encounters

One of the most obvious ways that wearing your cause can do a lot to support it is by raising awareness in daily encounters. If you are wearing a cancer support wristband when you reach over to pay for your groceries, for example, the cashier and anyone behind you in line has ample opportunity to read what it says and take note of its color. That person might be spurred into looking up more about the cause, and might in turn donate money or volunteer time to help an organization that is involved in some way. The more people who donate and volunteer, the better off these organizations will be, and the more likely they are to get closer to a cure for cancer (or whatever other goal it is you might be supporting).


Wearing a t-shirt supporting your cause in public offers many of the same benefits, but may be even more noticeable to strangers you pass every day. Wear your shirt to work if your dress code permits, and you will be able to reach out to your coworkers and employers, who might even donate a hefty sum to your cause.


Raising Money

It is already clear how wearing your cause could influence others to donate money to its goals, but donning a t-shirt or wristband can also help raise money in other ways. For example, if you wear your cause on your shirt, someone might see it and think it is a shirt they might also want to wear. They might ask you where you got it, and you will then be able to direct them to the organization of your choice, where they can purchase a shirt of their own. In this way, you can help direct people to your cause simply by making a fashion statement!



No matter what your cause may be, you can do a lot for it simply by wearing it with pride. Show off where you stand on the most important matters in your life by wearing a shirt, wristband, or necklace, or even putting a sticker or magnet on the back of your car. Whichever way you choose to express your cause, know that you are helping it more than you might realize by bringing it into the public awareness. If you are even more devoted to your cause, you might even consider selling or giving shirts and wristbands to your friends and family to help increase visibility even more!