7 Ways to Make Your Pet Happy

Be Kind To Animals Week is upon us May 6-12 this year. This week became recognized in 1915 in an effort to raise awareness for the humane & compassionate care of all animals. Being a fur momma myself, I wanted to share 7 easy ways to help your pet live their best life.

  • Talk to them. This may seem silly, but animals thrive on companionship. Talk to them like you would your friend or a house plant. I mean we are all waiting for them to talk back anyway.
  • Make sure & feed them high quality ingredients. You care about what goes in your body, so let us care about what goes in our pets bodies as well. For affordable food finds & ideas, we like Chewy. They deliver within 2 days of ordering!
  • Give them exercise! This is good for you, too! Whether it’s throwing a ball in the backyard, getting your cat a catnip toy or going for a walk, they love to stretch their legs! A 10 minute walk a day has such a massive impact on your overall health & well-being.
  • Groom your pet often, if not daily! Most dogs I’ve come across looooove getting brushed! I don’t mean you have to take them to a professional weekly, but a simple brushing can go a long way (and help reduce shedding!). We personally like this brush from Amazon.
  • Get your pet some treats that helps keep their mouth clean! Same with grooming, help them stay healthy and happy. A treat my dog loves & that is so tried & true, are simple Milk-bones.
  • Leave your TV on for them. If you are like me & have to leave your pets @ home all day for work, I at least find comfort knowing they have the TV on. Not only might they find their favorite show, it also drowns out the garbage truck, sirens or other sounds that could be a stressor. My fur kids are used to the country outdoors, so moving to the city, outside noises really confuse them. The TV/radio gives them some solace.
  • Lastly – Love your pet! Make sure they know they are loved, safe & protected. Research before adopting, learn the possible stressors in your area, prepare for a pet & always keep them well nourished & up to date on their vaccines. They are an extension of family, make them feel as such!

The children & the beasts of the world are the voiceless. It’s important that we take time & compassion to treat all animals with love & respect! Love your furbabies, make a contribution to your local humane society or volunteer to walk dogs in your spare time! There are countless ways to express kindness to animals. Let us know your suggestions! We have a few Animal Lovers shirts on sale now! Make sure & check them out so you can raise awareness all year long.