Teacher Appreciation Gift Guide

Teacher Appreciation Week ‘19

Each year we want to show our appreciation for our teachers all the time but especially during Teacher Appreciation (May 6 – 10) and especially this year. Why now more so than ever? Our educators across the country are taking stands for things they believe in like better pay, quality student/teacher ratio & the tools to execute their job to the standards we need.

So, let’s take a stand & show our teachers how much we appreciate them! Here are a few ways that are easy, perhaps free & can be accomplished at any time.

  1.     Tell your teacher you appreciate them. When is the last time you did that? Or tell your child’s teacher you appreciate them. It takes no time at all but could make a lasting impact.
  2.     Bring your children’s teacher supplies! 1 box of tissues or 1 pack of hand sanitizer could go a long way! Especially in the teacher’s heart & mind. So often teachers are buying their own supplies so any contributions are greatly appreciated.
  3.     Go on Amazon! Did you know teachers can create a “wish list” for their classroom just like you probably do for Christmas? You could always search your teachers name to see if they have created a list & surprise them with something from it!
  4.     Feeling extra & crafty? We’ve saved a few of our favorite DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts on our Pinterest board. Go check it out & let us know if you try any!

Hopefully this list gets you started or at least makes you realize how simple it could be to show your appreciation! If you’re thinking a brand-new t-shirt would be great as a gift, we’ve got you covered there too. 🙂  Order yours before 3/28 to have in time!


5 Ways to Laugh

Is laughter, really the best medicine?

What better time to delve into this age-old question then now with International Moment of Laughter Day coming up this April 14th. The day was created with a very simple intent; to encourage people to laugh. How does one laugh? It’s an involuntary reaction to certain external or internal stimuli. It could be a joke, a story, thought, or physical reaction to being tickled – the possibilities are endless as to what could make you laugh.

To get your celebration started here are 5 of our top ways to create a giggle:

  1. Hang out with your pet. There is no way to be around a dog or cat (or any pet) for long and not laugh. Don’t have a pet? Let us introduce you to quite possibly the funniest animal video on YouTube (in our opinion).
  2. Learn to laugh at yourself! Running late to work and miss the yellow light turning red? No worries.. just gives you more time to turn up the radio, have a dance party and laugh at yourself! Don’t take life so seriously.
  3. Sign up for a joke of the day to be delivered right to your inbox! We like A Joke A Day but any would get the job done! Be ready for dad jokes that will make you chuckle and probably roll your eyes. If you don’t want an email a day, a desk calendar of your favorite cartoon or quotes is a great daily way to laugh, too! (I have a Dilbert day to day – forgot how funny this comic is!)
  4. Befriend a funny person. You should have at least one person in your day to day life that makes you laugh. Go seek them out when you need a pick me up. If there is someone that has a quick way with words, a unique outlook or just a great sense of humor, befriend them, immediately.
  5. Do something that makes you laugh. This one seems easy, but when is the last time you REALLY belly laughed?! What were you doing at the time? Go do that again. Unless it was a misfortunate incident with laundry or something of the like. (Did you laugh? Okay I tried…)

Laughing has shown to increase the blood flow in our physical makeup (by taking in huge gulps of extra oxygen!), lead to reduction in stress and to also release endorphins. So, while you may still need to go to the doctor for the flu, perhaps catching up on the joke of the day is what you need to turn your day around. Our Live Happy shirt on sale now is sure to stem positive feelings anytime you wear it.

Inspire yourself (and others!) in the New Year

The new year is knocking on our door. And now’s the time you’re probably thinking about the things you want to change in your life during the next 365 days. Maybe you want to eat healthier. Exercise more. Plan your meals or make your bed every day. A resolution is all about words you want to live by — making a firm decision about something you will or will not do, and usually, it’s something that you hope will make you a better, stronger person in the year ahead.

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10 fun Secret Santa gift ideas

It’s baaaaaack: That little office game where you draw a coworker’s name and sneak them super secret gifts every day for a week before your identity is revealed.

Secret Santa can be crazy fun but also mind-boggling, especially if you don’t know the person whose name you’ve drawn very well. Lucky for you, there are a few gifts out there that are universal, fit your predetermined budget and make great options for your debut as the office Kris Kringle.

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Tired of turkey? Unique ideas for your work Thanksgiving celebration

Though it may not have been present at the 1621 celebration of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, the turkey is undoubtedly the star of the Thanksgiving feast. Because this beautiful bird is large enough to feed a sizable crowd — and because it is uniquely North American (often hunted by colonists) — it became a staple of the table when Abraham Lincoln declared our national holiday in 1863.

But as the Day of Thanks approaches and your calendar fills with celebrations, it doesn’t mean you have to have all turkey all the time. Your employees will likely get their fill of the bird while they’re off on Thanksgiving, so it’s your chance to come up with a fun, unique menu for your workplace gathering that shows them you’re grateful for them — but doesn’t give them a turkey hangover before they get to the main event.

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Rock that office Halloween costume contest with these ideas

Here’s an easy, peasy way to win a $250 prize to throw a Halloween party for your group: Just tell (or show) us why you love this spooktacular holiday and you’ll be entered to win! All you have to do is fill out the official entry form; we promise it won’t be scary. Wink. Submissions will be accepted until Oct. 1, 2018. The winning entry will be announced on Oct. 5, 2018.

We’re all about group unity here at Workplace Pro, and on Halloween is no exception. Not only is it the perfect excuse for an office par-tay, it’s the perfect time to put your best costume foot forward as a group.

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At work on the Fourth of July? Move the party from the backyard to the break room

The Fourth of July is on a Wednesday this year and for you, that may mean being stuck at work. Wahh, wahh. Not everyone gets to celebrate our nation’s independence with a day off (24% of employees across the nation, in fact, do not) — especially when it falls right in the middle of the work week.

But that’s OK. Think positive! You can still celebrate. Move the party from the backyard to the break room (or the parking lot) and spread some cheer for your fellow employees so their morale stays high and they know you care about the things that matter to them.

Here are four ways to light up the workplace with Independence Day cheer:

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6 must-adds to a teacher’s summer break

The countdown is on, teacher friends. That last-day-of-school mark on your wall calendar gets closer and closer with each crossed out day. We know you love your job (and that you’re darn good at it), so we will not be judging when you do a little happy dance after all your kids walk out the door for summer break.


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