Employee Spotlight: Jennifer!

What time is it? Yup, you guessed it…..Get to know your co-worker time… This week we will recognize and salute WorkPlacePro 7-year veteran Jennifer….Her anniversary date was actually April 12th… So, if anyone wants to send a late congrats to her, that’d be lovely… (but, I will go ahead and take one for the team and request that if you feel the need to bring in cupcakes, cake, or ice-cream…..that all can be placed on my desk between 8-5 pm hahaha…)


Anywho… I can’t help but think of Shakespeare’s quote “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” This girl is one tough cookie. Just a brief overview of her job duties here in the office…..she supervises operations workflow, creates design codes, creates checklist for James, gives Paul work to do for embroidery projects, makes sure Jackie’s on track, keeps up with the cards going out, works with the post office……and guys get this, she recently started doing the sales report!!


Most people may frown at that workload, but not Jennifer. She welcomes a challenge. She loves that WorkPlacePro is constantly growing, constantly changing…. She even bragged about the people she works with and the atmosphere here at WorkPlacePro. She enjoys staying busy, staying on her toes, and learning new things. She’s a trooper for sure. But, not just here at work. Many of you may not know this, but she battled leukemia for a couple of years. So, in addition to that workload…. take keeping a positive attitude all day, take being a fabulous mother to an energetic little girl…. and add battling cancer to the mix… Tell me how impressive that is?! I was starting to think she’s perfect…. But, every hero has a kryptonite, right?! Well, Jennifer confessed that she’s not a morning person…. So, basically “no coffee….no talkie.” 🙂


Like always, I had to ask a few very important questions:


  1. What movie have you seen 152,987,452 times and can easily quote? Little Rascals. (I really feel the need to catch her at lunch and say “That ain’t sand…that’s kitty litter.”)
  2. Would you rather talk only in snorts or smell like an onion?Talk in snorts”. (“oh *oink* my *oink* gosh *oink*…me *oink* too *oink*”) haha 🙂
  3. What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?Dealing with a small little girl that is 5 years old going on 17”
  4. When using toothpaste, there’s two types of people in the world: those that squeeze from the bottom (always), or those that squeeze wherever, which one are you?Squeeze wherever”… (I’m with her, squeeze wherever girl……but, I know people like my husband are cringing on the inside….Bless their hearts haha)
  5. What was your favorite childhood cartoon? “Tom and Jerry” (it’s to be noted that she still loves and watches her some Tom and Jerry…haha)
  6. Tell me a weird quality about yourself? “I mix up meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn… and squirt tons of ketchup over all of it.” (Some would say gag a maggot….but, my old school dad would say “It’s all going to the same spot anyways.” But, didn’t Elvis like peanut butter and bologna sandwiches?! So, we won’t think Jennifer is a complete weirdo on her strange eating quirks haha) 🙂
  7. If your life was a movie, what would it be and why? “Not sure. But, definitely a drama because life has thrown a lot at me.” (Well…hallelujah she didn’t say “Scream” or “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”..I would’ve had to skedaddle on out of the room if that was the case…)


-Written & Interviewed by Cierra of our Marketing/Analytics team 🙂